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Client quickstart

This quickstart guide will walk you through the process of installing the Wireleap client software, importing accesskeys for equalaccess.net, and getting started.

# download, verify and install
curl -fsSL https://get.wireleap.com -o get-wireleap.sh
sh get-wireleap.sh $HOME/wireleap

# add wireleap to your $PATH. if unsure, this should work for most users
sudo ln -s $HOME/wireleap/wireleap /usr/local/bin/wireleap

# import accesskeys
wireleap import https://equalaccess.net/accesskeys/:id

# start socksv5 broker daemon
wireleap start
wireleap info

Once the wireleap SOCKSv5 connection broker is running, any application that supports the SOCKSv5 protocol can be configured to route their traffic via the connection broker.

Usage examples

# proxy configuration
curl --proxy socks5h://$(wireleap config address.socks) URL

# bundled $HOME/wireleap/scripts/default execution
wireleap exec firefox [URL]
wireleap exec google-chrome [URL]
wireleap exec chromium-browser [URL]

# intercept application network connection (Linux only)
wireleap intercept ssh USER@HOST

# forward all TCP and UDP traffic
sudo chown 0:0 $HOME/wireleap/wireleap_tun
sudo chmod u+s $HOME/wireleap/wireleap_tun
wireleap tun start
wireleap tun status
# stopping the daemon(s)
wireleap tun stop
wireleap stop

For more detailed information, please see the official client documentation.